Our Sustainability Strategy

Novvia Group strives to provide packaging solutions in the most sustainable nature possible with equal passion as responsible corporate citizens. As a national stocking distributor built on trusted local relationships, we work closely with our suppliers & customers to deliver superior performance packaging.

Our culture of sustainability is evident through our material selection and effective package design. It is our shared goal to do More with Less.

Our Three Elements


People are a part of our sustainable future.


Minimizing our environmental impact.


Novvia Group strives to do More with Less.


Novvia Group’s team is driven by our core values. We understand and demonstrate the importance of providing excellence in our daily interactions as well as understanding the need for flexibility in our relationships.

With advances in technology, consumer demands, and government regulations, sustainable packaging solutions are necessary.  People are a part of our sustainable future.

  • Employees – Our growth is based upon a collaborative team of diverse people. We are responsible to our employees for their commitment and effort put into their work.  It is our responsibility and goal to provide an environment that supports their development & growth.
  • Customers – Our business is built to fit the needs and demands for our customers; their challenges become ours. Sustainability awareness by end users continues to impact the marketplace and global environment.  With this in mind, we strive to ensure that our customers know that our employees and suppliers are committed to the importance of performing duties in the most sustainable way possible.
  • Suppliers – We understand that we are only as strong as our supply chain. It is important to us that our suppliers understand and are compliant with our sustainability strategy.  By communicating openly with our supply chain network, we ensure that we are all maintaining our Corporate Social Responsibility.


We love our planet therefore Novvia Group is constantly taking into account environmental considerations throughout our business model to preserve our planet.

We focus on manufacturing, packaging, procurement, and logistical delivery systems to maintain a responsible sustainability culture.  We minimize our environmental impact in a variety of ways.

  • Reducing our Carbon Footprint – We are committed to doing More With Less. We accomplish this by reducing the amount of energy we consume and diminishing the amount of waste we produce.  Our team members work to apply best utility practices to reduce the total amount of energy we use.
  • Reduce Emissions – We recognize that our generated emissions have an impact on our planet, and that they are measurable and controllable. It is our goal to reduce our total emissions generated year after year to better preserve our natural eco-system.
  • Recycling Programs – We utilize established recycling programs throughout our facilities to recycle materials such as paper, plastic, and electronic products. Novvia Group is also committed to reusing industrial regrind in our bottle manufacturing plant, Lyons Blow Molding.  It is our mission to reduce the amount of recyclable materials that ultimately end up in the waste stream.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR is a vital component for success in today’s business world and an integral part of how we conduct business at Novvia Group. Our team aims to continuously advance our sustainability metrics through sustainable purchasing decisions, awareness programs, assessments, and supporting our local communities.


Novvia Group strives to do More with Less.  We partner with companies across many industries to design our customer-specific sustainable packaging systems to be easily adapted for their products to satisfy a variety of environmental objectives.

Regardless of the industry, we can increase environmental stewardship without sacrificing quality or performance. With specialized divisions, such as bottle manufacturing & decoration, UN testing & certification, tote recycling & reconditioning, and container distribution, we are uniquely positioned to understand the entire packaging lifecycle.

  • Design & Innovation – We strive to reduce the number of required components in our packaging through innovative design systems, like integrated portioning systems and a wide variety of inner container combinations.
  • Source Reduction – Where appropriate, our goal is to reduce plastic by manufacturing bottles with less raw materials and to reduce paper by manufacturing with alternative and higher recycled content fiberboard grades, while still exceeding performance criteria across the board.
  • Reusable Packaging & Containers – We are committed to increasing value through designing reusable secondary corrugated packaging, offering re-shipper options, recycling & reconditioning IBC totes, manufacturing and providing re-fillable/re-usable containers and choosing returnable bulk packaging.
  • Logistical Knowledge – With a national distribution footprint of over 43 warehouses we have an initiative to reduce our carbon footprint through Final Mile strategic warehouse locations and servicing our customers via logistically favorable supplier locations.